About Me


I’ve always been creative thanks to my father, who is gifted with his hands and a magnificent painter himself. It is also from him that I get my love of nature. Every Sunday evening we would sit down as a family and watch David Attenborough’s nature programmes. Sitting next to my Dad, I was always in awe of the beauty of the natural world. This is one of my favourite and most comforting memories of my childhood.

Always drawing and doodling, I went on to study Art in college, first completing a BA in Art and Society in Waterford Institute of Technology, followed by a BA in Ceramics at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork. I felt I was never truly able to harness my creativity in college though and left feeling very disillusioned.

Creativity was put on hold and it was only as my children became more independent that I found my creativity again. It was a deep yearning to create, feeling very inspired by all the natural beauty around me, that brought me back to art, back to the things I enjoyed as a child.

After making several gifts for family and friends, I started printmaking having enjoyed it in school. Through the encouragement of my husband and some close friends, I exhibited in the Imagine Arts Festival in 2019. I’ve have continued to stretch my creative wings and have worked on exciting projects such as a commission painting for Mount Congreve Gardens which was used as their walking map.

My work is very much centred in nature, in the colours and texture, which inspire me daily. I work across a range of mediums, depending on my mood, including acrylics, watercolour and lino printing


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